Our own cardboard: VizR

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The VizR™ turns your smartphone into a full-blown virtual reality experience!

The VizR™ is the first affordable Virtual Reality product that offers the complete experience. With an awesome looking headset and a smooth app the VizR™ makes Virtual Reality accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

The VizR™ is designed and crafted in the Netherlands. It’s a product of Amsterdam based creative agency The Odd Shop and 360° video company VIEMR. Together they have created the VizR™ and VizR™ app to make VR accessible for anyone with a smartphone.

The headset gives the ultimate immersive experience with no light leaks and a comfortable fit, even if you’re wearing glasses. People can order a VizR for only €19,99 on vizr.nl.

The VizR™ makes Virtual Reality, reality.



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