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Interview Dagblad van het Noorden

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For being the first doing 360° basketball with multiple camera’s.

VIEMR in the Dutch newspapers again! A great article about innovation and the future of video. We explained how 360° video will become mainstream in the next few years. With all the hardware innovations like the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion everyone is able to film and distribute 360° video content to any device.



Virtual Swimming with dolphins

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Swim with wild dolphins in your own home through virtual reality

The Dolphin Swim Club came to us with a revolutionary vision. Let the whole world experience swimming with wild dolphins anytime and anywhere through virtual reality. So we helped them to create some stunning footage of wild dolphins. The mission of The Dolphin Swim Club is to film the most beautiful 360 video footage ever made of wild dolphins. Through Virtual reality, this footage will be accessable by anyone on the planet. Whether it’s for fun, but also for healthcare purposes by treating anxiety disorders for example. We worked on the production of the 360° videos, a brand new website and several promotional videos.

After almost a year of preperation and research, lots of brainstorm sessions and overcoming various obstacles, we did it. We filmed more than 80 wild spinner, and bottlenose dolphins each day for a whole week. Location: the Red Sea in Egypt.

The only way to pull this of was getting the best experts together on one boat. A dedicated team that has a profounding love for dolphins and understands the risks and rules that come to play at a shoot like this. From the cook and shipper to the divers, cameracrew and researchers. This was the right crew for the right job. In order to get the most out of 6 days of filming, good logistics where crucial on a production like this. Therefor the production crew was devided in to two teams. While one team was in the water filming, the team on the boat focussed on backing up the footage from an earlier run on two hard drives.

After 7 days of filming, salty camera’s and terabytes of data it was time to head home. But here, a new phase would start; post-production on 75 takes and creating a marketing strategy for getting this footage out in the world. After we made selections of the best footage we started working out a plan where this footage was going to be used for. After all; post-producing a clip for a TV commercial needs a totally different approach than a clip that is used for anxiety disorder treatment… We spend more than a month on stitching, color grading, sound design and editing the footage in 4K resolution.

Visit The Dolphin Swim Club website

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Our own cardboard: VizR

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The VizR™ turns your smartphone into a full-blown virtual reality experience!

The VizR™ is the first affordable Virtual Reality product that offers the complete experience. With an awesome looking headset and a smooth app the VizR™ makes Virtual Reality accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

The VizR™ is designed and crafted in the Netherlands. It’s a product of Amsterdam based creative agency The Odd Shop and 360° video company VIEMR. Together they have created the VizR™ and VizR™ app to make VR accessible for anyone with a smartphone.

The headset gives the ultimate immersive experience with no light leaks and a comfortable fit, even if you’re wearing glasses. People can order a VizR for only €19,99 on

The VizR™ makes Virtual Reality, reality.


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VIEMR about Virtual Reality

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Airtime again!

Speaking about the possibilities of cardboard VR solutions and our 360° live streaming service @PodiumTV. Especially our 360° live streaming service creates a whole new immersive engaging way of reaching target audiences for brands.

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World’s first interactive basketball game

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The first interactive basketball match in full 360° ever!

Let’s play Ball! VIEMR goes into sports with the world’s first interactive 360º Basketball experience for the best basketball team of the Netherlands, the GasTerra Flames. Explore the full interactive video by switching camera locations during the game!



Interview RTV Noord

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Making headlines

Together with our partner Coolminds, VIEMR is the first in the world to use VR-technology for the treatment of anxiety disorders. The innovative nature of this treatment resulted in national news coverage. We are now going further in the next phase were we will add extra sensory input to the treatment.

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