The VizR

Our affordable mass marketing
VR goggle is ready for distribution.
This is not a gimmick, this is the future!

Virtual Safety Training

We developed a smart app that
allows employees to go through
a 360° virtual safety training

Valamar Hotels

We created virtual tours for
Croatian hotel chain Valamar

Gamma Racing Day

Get our new app and experience
a unique race in full 360°

Extreme Sports

Experience some of the coolest
extreme sports from paragliding, skiing
and kayaking in the Austrian Alps!

Get into the game

Download the free app and
get into extreme 360° rally racing!

“We push quality, creativity and the WOW-factor to the next level in all forms of 360° video and Virtual Reality solutions. For more than six years our highly experienced 360° production crew and developers strive for fruitful collaborations and have an insane passion for inspiring immersive experiences.”
Our new product: The VizR

Our new product: The VizR

Get the VIEMR App

Get the VIEMR App